Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at St. Mary
Greenham, Berkshire
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EW18763Clayton & BellLt: Charge to Peter; Blessing little children.Cen: Ascension. Rt: Doubting Thomas;Noli me TangereWard familyMarlborough Times 28 Oct. 1876
SC119141Burlison & GryllsSimeon & baby JesusSelina Bourdillon +1910D/P 130B 6/3/5 (Berks Record Office)
SC219241Burlison & GryllsJesus as carpenterElizabeth Carbonell +1922Faculty
SC319241Burlison & GryllsText: ' He manifested forth his glory'Carbonell familyD/P 130B 6/3/7 (Berks Record Office)
SC418761Burlison & GryllsJesus & Mary of Bethany. Text: 'I will hear what the Lord God will speak'Elizabeth Carbonell +1870Stylistic attribution; Berkshire Chronicle 28.10.1876 for date
SC519031Burlison & GryllsMary pours ointment on Christ's headJohn Carbonell+1879, Charlotte+1897D/P 130B 6/3/3 (Berks Record Office)
SN1+19102Burlison & GryllsPresentation. Below: Acts of Mercy - sick; nakedEllen BaxendaleStylistic attribution
SN218771Lavers, Barraud & WestlakeBVM AnnunciateMrs TaylorStylistic attribution
SN319382Dutch glass of 1618Tree of JesseLloyd Harry Baxendale +1937Faculty for date of insertion
SN419212Burlison & GryllsSoldier before CrucifixFirst World War deadFaculty;Newbury Weekly News 6.10.1921
WW (low)1895Six 1ltJames Powell & SonsFleur de lis quarriesPowell Order Book 12/213
Tower S18951James Powell & SonsFleur de lis quarriesPowell Order Book 12/213
Tower N1Leaf quarries
NA418882HardmanSuffer little childrenG.Baxendale+1860, E.Baxendale+1879Newbury Weekly News 13.12.1888
NA51Burlison & GryllsMadonna & childStylistic attribution
NAW19112Burlison & GryllsHeavenly angelsLloyd Baxendale +1882D/P 130B 6/3/4 (Berks Record Office)