Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at St. Saviour
Raynes Park, Outer London (formerly Surrey)
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EW19065Shrigley & HuntOur Lord in MajestySurrey Comet 18.7.1906
SChApE+19191Shrigley & Hunt signedBVM & baby JesusAmy Wigan(Faculty DS/FO/1919/98 does not show designer)
SChApS19221Shrigley & HuntSt. JohnCyril Davis +1920Faculty DS/FO/1922/23
SCh119252Joan FulleyloveAnnunciationFaculty DS/FO/1925/25
SA1+19071Shrigley & HuntAngelFred Wigan +6.4.1907Faculty DS/FO/1907/46
SA219222Shrigley & HuntJesus in Carpenter's shop; BVM with spinning wheelFaculty DS/FO/1922/23
SA319552Shrigley & HuntPresentation (Replica.Original Shrigley & Hunt window vandalised)Rev William BirkbeckFaculty DS/F/1955/053
NA1+19071Shrigley & HuntAngelFred Wigan +6.4.1907Faculty DS/FO/1907/46
NA2+19072Shrigley & HuntAgony in GardenFred Wigan +2.3.1907Faculty DS/FO/1907/46
NA3+19072Shrigley & HuntJesus giving sacramentFred Wigan +2.3.1907Faculty DS/FO/1907/46
NA4+19072Shrigley & HuntJesus on donkey, entry to JerusalemFred Wigan +2.3.1907Faculty DS/FO/1907/46
NA5+19062Shrigley & HuntJesus preach'g 'Inasmuchas ye have done it unto the least of one of my brethren ye have done unto me'Charles BagotFaculty DS/FO/1907/46